Friday, August 10, 2012

Facts About Packaging

Pacing up and down
the dairy aisle, searching
for Weight Watchers Yogurt-
I had all but given up,
despite the 5 pounds I gained
last week in Vermont.

Packaging is shorthand-
 “fyi” has been joined
by  “lol”, and “KFC”,
and the almighty “M”-
do you need eight more letters,
or a Happy Meal with that?

We are advised against judging
a book by its cover, with self righteous
warning labels stamped on with a wink-

It’s been over thirty years since my uprising
against educational idolatry. “A” grades glittered
like a Golden Calf, coveted by wayward
worshippers as a true sign of learning

I would force feed 20 or thirty
Yiddish words into my brain,
for successful regurgitation
on weekly tests-

I gained high marks, but lost the words-
Brain atrophy was an educational
hazard, in learners unable to disable
the valve to their thinking.

Determined to stem the ravages
of academic bulimia, I began
a movement to occupy
my mind

I sat for Mrs. Grumberg’s Yiddish dicte
defiantly unprepared, slinging Yiddish
letters together in phonetic harmony-

Sometimes you have to take a stand.

I finally found the yogurt, -
with its reassuring Green banner
“New Look Same Great Taste!”

Who made the decision to change the look?
Who did they have to convince? I mean 
there are real fucking problems in the world
like childhood obesity. Innocent lives
threatened daily by narcissistic
grown ups and their malignant

Who persuaded Weight Watchers
to spend- How much money was it?-
on a redesign!?-  

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