Saturday, August 11, 2012

ADHD… Before it had a name

To my teacher(s),
You had both hands on the wheel
Your eyes were out to sea
The throttle ably set
at a rather dizzying speed

I was out there in the water
fingers waving frantically
kids were doubled over laughing
I could barely, barely breathe

I had drifted over board
staring out to clear my head
from the many, many thoughts
drowning, drowning what you’d said

My mind it moved so quickly
like a magnet I was drawn-
with nothing, nothing to grab hold of
you droned on, and on, and on

If you had only seen me
had tossed a caring smile
I could have pulled myself back in
I could have joined you for a while

You’d have stood a little closer
If my eyes had failed to see
You’d have offered me a hand
If my legs were tired or week

But my mind it moved so swiftly
as if filled with helium
and you didn’t seem to notice
didn't help to reel me in

Humor was my birdcall
You were far, far from amused
It helped me, helped me find you
But would blow your short, short fuse

You roared “Quiet in the classroom”!
You had lessons to teach-

How many of us, really
Did you really care to reach?

By Lori Polachek

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